Partner with Lease One Financial and Overland Equipment Leasing to increase your revenue! Partnering with a professional finance organization gives your company an opportunity to increase sales by providing more options to your clients. Offering a leasing option gives your sales force the opportunity to close more deals and, increase revenue. Leasing is a great option for the following reasons:

  • Let us help you – Our vendor programs allow us to give exclusive pricing for our partners. Our goal as a leasing company is to ensure your clients receive the same great service they have already received from you. We can help by shortening the sales cycle by processing applicants in a timely manner. How much will it cost your company for us to help you out? Nothing!
  • Close more sales with a lease – One of the great benefits of leasing is the quick turnaround time and process of the lease application. Approval of a lease application can take just 24 hours.
  • Generate more sales with leasing – Attract more buyers of your product by offering a monthly payment rather than the full purchase price.
  • Overcome objections with leasing – By offering lease options your sales force can quote your clients with low monthly lease prices rather than a large purchase price. With the lease option, clients can easily budget their monthly expenses as well as write off the tax as an operating expense.
  • Convenience – Leasing can be a simple process and the turnaround time with Overland Equipment Leasing is quick. What is even better is offering leasing options directly to your clients, instead of them shopping around. Partnering with Lease One Financial and Overland Equipment Leasing, will ensure your client receives the best quality service in the most professional and ethical manner. We offer the most competitive prices and ensure leases are documented and closed as quickly as possible.

*Monthly lease payment varies and will depend on different factors such as business credit rating and lease option.

Lease One Finance and Overland Equipment Leasing can provide the following services for vendor partners:

  • Marketing – Lease One Financial Solutions and Overland Equipment Leasing can help develop a marketing program promoting leasing options into your sales program. We aid in marketing assistance through sales meeting attendance, trade shows and conference calls to provide insight on the leasing aspect of your business.
  • Professional Consulting – As a leasing consultant, we can assist in answering all types of questions and concerns regarding leasing. We can provide creative lease options specific to your client’s needs. Once you have partnered with us, consider us an extension of your business. We will be there to assist you in any way we can.

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