About Us​

Overland Development has been a leading provider of high-quality real estate developments for 30+ years, valued at over $400M. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition from prestigious organizations, including Envision Utah and The Downtown Alliance of Salt Lake City. We have a proven track record of overcoming challenging municipal, legal, code, and environmental issues and maintaining an honest, respectful approach to stakeholders. Our extensive experience in liaising with bureaucratic entities ensures client success and satisfaction.

Our Team

With a team of diverse professionals, we execute our pipeline of projects with precision to deliver high-quality assets

Michael Holman

VP, Development
& Finance

Morgan Fabrizio

Development Manger

McKay Treadwell

Analyst, Development & Acquisitions

Work With Us

We strive at Overland Development to create forward-thinking solutions that enhance quality of life and promote the flourishing of communities


Due Diligence & Entitlements

A successful real estate investment involves more than just finding a great location. Our development team employs a rigorous process to evaluate the feasibility of each potential project. We collaborate with trusted consultants to assess factors such as the condition of existing buildings, environmental and geotechnical concerns, site layout and accessibility, utility availability, title and ownership history, market conditions, and the surrounding community’s character. In addition, we thoroughly comprehend the local jurisdiction’s approval process and have extensive expertise in establishing productive relationships with government entities throughout the country. Our team’s experience ranges from straightforward site plan approvals to complex zone changes and public-private partnership negotiations.

Design & Permitting

To achieve a prosperous real estate investment, merely identifying a prime location is not enough. Our development team adopts a methodical approach to meticulously evaluate the practicality of each potential project. By engaging reputable consultants, we scrutinize a range of factors such as the current state of existing buildings, environmental and geotechnical concerns, accessibility and design of the site, utility availability, ownership history and legal status, market trends, and the overall characteristics of the surrounding community. Furthermore, we attain a comprehensive understanding of the approval process required by the local authority and have specialized knowledge in cultivating productive relationships with government bodies nationwide.


The financing process at Overland Companies is handled by several teams under our umbrella. Starting from the initial concept to the final budget, our team of analysts continuously refine the project underwriting. Though no financial model is flawless, our meticulous attention to detail has made it easier for us to collaborate with a range of financial institutions. Overland Capital manages these lender relationships to identify the best financing options, both for construction and permanent financing, for our properties. Our development managers work closely with dedicated project accountants to oversee budgets and monitor costs from pre-development through construction.

OWNERs-Rep Services

Selecting the appropriate general contractor for a project is crucial, just as it is for the design team. At Overland Development, we have construction managers on staff who possess extensive industry expertise and aid in contractor and project team selection. These construction managers offer invaluable insights during the design phase, evaluate contractor pricing during the bidding process, and oversee construction progress to ensure it aligns with the contract budget and schedule. Additionally, they assist in the transition from construction to operations, supporting Overland’s property and asset management teams as they take charge of the property. Lastly, Overland Development handles the procurement of owner-supplied items, which are a crucial element of hospitality and large-scale multifamily projects.