Real Estate Development

We're experts at working with governments, architects, agencies & more

Overland Development is recognized for its high-quality developments, totaling more than $200 million in real estate projects since Overland opened its doors more than 25 years ago. It has twice won the Outstanding Design and Development Award through Envision Utah, and honored by The Downtown Alliance of Salt Lake City with a Special Achievement Award for Outstanding Redevelopment of Salt Lake’s49 block in downtown.

We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to work through challenging municipal, legal, code and environmental issues. At times when opposition to a particular development has appeared daunting, the project has been built due to our perseverance. Meeting challenges with environmental remediation, wetlands, archeological findings, or historic landmark considerations, Overland Development has prevailed because of our honest and respectful approach toward those administering the development process for the municipality.

Through the variety of projects Overland has developed, we have gained valuable experience working with various bureaucratic entities including United States Army Corp of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, Utah State Division of Environmental Quality, Salt Lake City Historic Landmarks Commission and Salt Lake City Economic Hardship Panel. Additionally, we have worked with numerous fire, building, zoning, and planning departments, along with city, county and municipal planning commissions, city, county and municipal councils, and redevelopment agencies.

Our years of experience have proven invaluable for our clients. We know the best way to approach the different individuals and departments involved, when to push for certain considerations, and when to back off. If there is one thing that really makes a difference for our clients, it’s our experience.