The Design/Build process works efficiently to expedite the construction of a project without tying up valuable capital and resources. The process allows an owner to focus on their core business, while Overland supervises the entire project from start to finish.

Design/build projects are ideal for a business looking to “fast-track” or phase a project. This approach allows projects to be completed sooner, which may provide a significant benefit and cost savings to the owner, which requires close coordination between Overland, the architect and the owner.

Overland’s Design/Build Services provide:

  • A professional team experienced in specific project requirements
  • Early collaboration in the design phase to minimize costs and eliminates risks associated with later changes
  • Eliminates potential disputes as to scope of work from contract documents
  • Allows easy coordination between project budgeting, scheduling and constructing
  • Shortens the project delivery schedule

For more information about Overland Construction’s Design/Build process, contact us at (801) 531-8775 or by e-mail at