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Rotary Play Park

500 East 900 South

Designated by Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson as "the finest all-abilities play park in the nation" and considered Sal Lake Rotary Club's signature project, the Rotary Play Park is located in Liberty Park. Absent of stairs, steps and curbs, the one-acre park was designed to be accessible to children of all abilities and includes musical instruments, checker and chess boards, a water mister, Braille toys, giant chimes, child-size construction equipment, a waist-high sandbox, toy vehicles, and see saws. The swings include arm levers for children who cannot move their legs, the entire play areas are buffered by a resilient surfacing made of recycled tires, and includes ample architectural concrete. Designed with an Olympic Winter Games theme, it also includes a mock medals plaza, slalom obstacle course wide enough for wheelchairs, a playhouse called the "Olympic Village," and a metal archway welcoming children in several languages.